BTECH MAINTENANCE in partenériat with DEXWOR offers industrial machinery adapted food  your needs. (keys, grinders, tumblers, cutters, shaper meatball, mixers, washing tunnels and  drying ...) and realization production lines.  We can provide a quick, accurate and suitable for all fields of activity: the meat industry,  milk, vegetables and fruits.   For more information thank you to click: contact
 It sounds easy to design and build a car wash but achieving an effective wash tunnel and adapted to  every need with water and low energy consumption is not so simple.  We can offer all types of tunnels for any type of washing in the most banal to the crate  pharmaceutical utensils through the micro-perforated molds of the dairy industry.  Each solution is designed by a combination of key factors: flow, pressure, temperature, time, and chemistry.  The tunnels can be equipped with sections prewashing, washing, rinsing, blowing and drying.  The water can be reused in different sections according to customer's wishes.  Tunnels are versatile and by adjustment of guides, it is possible to wash several diferent forms in the same  tunnel.  Do not hesitate to contact us, we will propose a customized solution.    Opportunities Tunnels  - Simple Cleaning  - Pre-wash - Washing  - Pre-wash wash drying  - Unloading Pre-wash Washing Drying Stacking    Washing Products:  - Crates Crates  - Ham molds  - Micro-perforated molds or traditional cheeses  - Pharmaceutical industry  - Seeds  - Fruits and vegetables
Washing machines

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Machines for meat
Specialist equipment supply and project implementation and complete lines for the meat industry and derivatives, we can respond quickly, precise and suitable for all industry fields below. Being flexible, versatile and mobile, we can answer any other specific bsoin it. You will find each of the parties to detail Inside this website: Machines and Complete Lines for slaughter Cattle, Sheep, Pig and semi automatic automatiqueMachines and Complete lines for cutting room: hygienic-sanitary accessories, Carrier and IngéniérieMachines Complete lines for the preparation of meat products: o sausage Online: Push, Hahcoir, mixer, Cutter with or without vacuum o Line Skewers manual, semi-automatic and automatic NEW: High Performance Cutting: Designed to perform automatic and safe form cutting any room products (meat, fish, etc ...) portions and constant thickness. NEW: Line of vegetable sausage casing more guts problem gut economy through increased weight the weight of the envelope, perfectly closed sausages RARE: Line of injected products: high pressure volumetric Injecteuse or how to inject 150% in one pass with results impressive visuals, Barattes maceration with or without cool system, Bell vacuum, vacuum clipper, whole muscle Pusher. RARE: Mussel Tour: with a screw system for opening, closing and pressing molds individually on the tower. Machines and Washing Lines: tunnel washer, air tunnel washer, washing cabin for Eruope tray, special washing cabin ...
Washing machines - Machines for meat - Packaging machines
BTECH MAINTENANCE in partnership with DEXWOR offers professional and industrial solutions for packaging finished food products whatsoever machine bell vacuum continuous or not, tray sealing, thermoforming. We also offer all the cartoning system end line. Our line consists of individual machines: - Bell vacuum machine, model table, on foot, continuously. - Sealer: semi-automatic or automatic. - Custom thermoforming with flexible film and rigid skin
Packaging machines
washing line
Washing tunnels
Obligatory passage
drying tunnels
meat grinder
vacuum machine double bell Continuous
vacuum machine model bell on foot, on wheels
vacuum machine double bell


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